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Posted by semchance on 08.30.2006 at 21:56
Current Mood: amusedamused
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Mo made me do it. Only she doesn't know that she did. Only she does. Comics and icon dump!

58 icons
-- 7 Comic Logos
-- 2 Final Fantasy: Advent Children
-- 12 Footloose
-- 7 Naruto
--- 6 Orochimaru - "You Spin Me Right Round" (Dead or Alive)
--- 1 Variant
-- 6 Quotes from nathaara in Spanish
-- 8 Swamp Thing
-- 16 Y the Last Man

love to hear itCollapse )

Various fandoms for you today!

+ 12 Cowboy Bebop
+ 1 Count Cain
+ 2 Discworld
+ 1 Gladius
+ 13 Ouran Host Club
+ 7 Naruto//Haru Urara doujinshi by Halco (KakaIru)
live action
+ 8 Gokusen
44 Total

Il Cielo In Una StanzaCollapse )

Posted by semchance on 07.28.2006 at 22:51
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nefyr made Naruto caps. There was commentary. Icon dump!

52 icons
-- 10 Final Fantasy: Advent Children
-- 17 Gokusen
-- 23 Naruto
-- 1 Pirates of the Caribbean CotBP
-- 1 Superman Returns

the world is exciting and newCollapse )

Comment and credit like good ducks!

Posted by semchance on 07.09.2006 at 17:58
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All the icons are dedicated to Mo. Because she encouraged me. At... what, 1am? 2am? To make them all. Your only warning is that there are pirates and ninja within. Bases have nothing to do with Mo. Yay!

9 icons
-- 9 Final Fantasy: Advent Children

8 bases
-- 8 Ouran High School Host Club

for Christmas get her a drumCollapse )

no ethics, faye

New Index

Posted by nathaara on 07.08.2006 at 02:30
It has come to my attention that the old index was essentially useless. I never remembered to update it, and it was rather hard to use. So, to make things easier, everything shall be organized and linked to by tags from now on.

If you're looking for something specific, try the links below!

By ArtistCollapse )

By TypeCollapse )

By SubjectCollapse )

Special SetsCollapse )

Be sure to let me know if you find any errors with the index. ^-^

Have fun exploring!

reno, reno & rude
Posted by nathaara on 07.08.2006 at 02:06
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20 FF: Advent Children
Some of these are more serious and some are just plain silly. A lot of the text is from whatever song I was listening to when I made the icon...
They're all from AC because I took screencaps for semchance and after she made her post with 50 AC icons I was inspired to make some too.

Kupo!Collapse )

Posted by semchance on 07.05.2006 at 00:35
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
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Today we celebrate Sem getting her Paint Shop back. Yay Nashville and the way it steals her CDs so that she has to travel thousands of miles to make icons again! Anyway, here's a dump of the last Paint icons I've made now, as well as a huge batch of PSP9 icons of FF:AC. You can see where I was going with a bunch of them, starting with bases and building up. I'm far too lazy to make an alternates table, so you can see them all together. It's cool. Or something. Right?

94 icons
-- 5 Final Fantasy VII
-- 50 Final Fantasy: Advent Children
-- 20 I'll [Generation Basket]
-- 2 Napoleon Dynamite (Napoleon)
-- 9 Naruto (Sasuke and Kakashi)
-- 3 O-zone (Radu)
-- 5 Wild Adapter

6 Friends Only banners
-- 6 I'll [Generation Basket]

delightful, delicious, de-lovelyCollapse )

What's this? I've made icons? Well, yes. I've just been so busy that I haven't posted any in about 3 months. I haven't made all that many, either... oh well. ^^;;
Most of these are from various icontests, and then a few were just for fun.

Icon count: 36
+2 Bleach
+6 Count Cain
+12 Cowboy Bebop
+2 Final Fantasy (X and AC)
+2 Gokusen
+2 Gravitation
+1 Last Exile
+2 Samurai Champloo
+7 Wolf's Rain


Feel Your Breeze!Collapse )

Posted by semchance on 05.15.2006 at 01:40
Current Mood: sicksick
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Haven't updated this in forever because I can't find where my aba hid the PSP CD and therefore am still operating out of MSPaint. Which is oodles of fun. But I have a bunch of Paint icons that I might as well dump now, since they're building up in my Photobucket and going nowhere.

89 icons
-- 7 Bob Dylan
-- 35 Cowboy Bebop (mostly Spike)
-- 6 Gravitation (mostly scenery)
-- 6 I'll [Generation Basket] (mostly Asakura)
-- 35 Wolf's Rain

3 Friends Only banners
-- 3 I'll [Generation Basket]

Sick Day ProductivityCollapse )

Comment and credit like good ducks! Next up will probably be more I'll[GB] and possibly the N-G moodtheme I created.

Posted by semchance on 03.23.2006 at 17:14
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: Bruce Springsteen - Spirits in the Night
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Ready? Ready?? More MSPAINT!! Why do I share these with you? I like making your brains twitch. I get my computer back today (in theory), so I should be back making normal icons soon, I swear...

16 icons
-- 9 Cowboy Bebop
-- 6 Wolf's Rain
-- 1 Yakitate!! Japan

closed our eyes and said goodbyeCollapse )
Comment and credit like good ducks!

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