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Dizzy From Smelling The Lilacs

Posted by no_sushi on 05.14.2007 at 20:30
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Boney M - "A Motheless Child"
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APs are officially over, so I thought I'd celebrate with a batch of Ouran icons. It takes me forever to learn Photoshop since I just dawdle in spare time, but I finally found some cool brushes that I've been needing. I've used many of the themes before, but I played around a bit with new stuff here.

29 icons
~29 Ouran

Samurai and Cake Bunnies!Collapse )

Hope you like these! Please take, comment, and credit.



I'm not dead yet!

Posted by no_sushi on 01.19.2007 at 18:54
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Okay, so I was almost killed by college apps, but I am still alive! I've made bunch of PoT and a bit of Ouran a while ago, and need to get rid of them, so here are my babies (yummy Irish babies):

18 icons
~3 Ouran
~15 PoT

Wee, look at the colors!Collapse )

Maybe I should have made some color bars... *too lazy* Next post will definitely have more PoT. :P And Ouran is over, how sad... *tear*

Enjoy, credit and comment!


Posted by semchance on 01.14.2007 at 16:56
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This was almost a request. Almost. I like to pretend it was, except then I wince at some of them and am glad it wasn't. I was disrtacted by the pretty boys! I couldn't help it!

With You~Collapse )

And, because they're just that pretty, there is also an icon/base dump for you all.

19 FF:AC icons/bases
-- 1 Clono
-- 8 Reno
-- 6 Rude
-- 4 Runo

make me a sandwichCollapse )

Comment and credit like good ducks!

Posted by semchance on 12.27.2006 at 14:18
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First, the final Sannin Song Set, which is small, and only crack because I was able to get serious icons out of this song. I know, right?

The Crazy LifeCollapse )

And an icon dump!

41 icons
-- 11 Aya Ueto (Azumi, photoshoots)
-- 1 Cowboy Bebop (Spike)
-- 4 Kieu Chinh (photoshoots)
-- 25 Naruto (GenRai, Jiraiya, Naruto, Orochimaru, Tsunade)

not particularly witty after all the Ricky MartinCollapse )

Comment and credit like good ducks!


v 2.0

Posted by semchance on 12.27.2006 at 13:53
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Two big updates for you all today. Because it supplements my application process to make crack icons and such with half my attention. Don't judge me.

We're Bringing Sasuke Back... ErCollapse )

Comment and credir like good ducks! Or just melt into a pile of goo at how pretty Jiraiya can randomly be.



Posted by semchance on 12.23.2006 at 23:27
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When the holidays have you down, you should not give yourself access to PSP. It only leads to horror. Horror and bad.

By which I do mean that I've done another Orochimaru song set to clear my brain of parents and Christmas tree angels and everything.

Arriba~!Collapse )

Comment and credit if compulsed to take. Or just comment and tell me your brain melted as well.



Posted by semchance on 10.31.2006 at 18:24
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Post. Of icons. Because I'm high on ice cream and wanted to clear out my "to be uploaded" folder a little. Mostly things from when PSP first got added back onto my computer; a lot of redundant style as I tried to get my bearings again. I like some, though.

49 icons
-- 30 Godchild icons
-- 18 Naruto (mostly Sannin)
-- 1 Ouran

i like to move it move itCollapse )



Posted by semchance on 10.08.2006 at 00:30
Current Mood: artistic
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Pretty fanarts posted at sasuxnaru made me do it.

Warnings: Crossdressing. That's all. For now.

11 icons
-- 11 Naruto Fanart: Mega-Sexy-no-Jutsu by niconeko

eroninjutsu is dangerousCollapse )

Comment and credit both niconeko and myself, svp. Good ducks!


Yakusoku Project

Posted by nathaara on 09.05.2006 at 20:43
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The Yakusoku Project
(yakusoku = promise)

This entry shall contain icons depicting pinky promises from anime, j-drama, or any other Japanese media. It shall grow for as long as I continue to find pinky promises that I can make icons out of.

If you would like to donate to the cause, please link me to an image of a pinky promise! I will love you and give you a credit at the end of the post. ^_^

Promise me this...Collapse )



Posted by no_sushi on 08.30.2006 at 23:43
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Queen - "Princes of the Universe"
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Hello everyone. I am Sushi-chan, a.k.a. the Octopus, the Murderess of Fish and Poultry. =D Please don't run away in fright - although my name may be scary, I am really not. I'm kind of like Jinenji, for all of you out there who watch InuYasha. :P Maybe not as nice as Jinenji though. >_>

I am eternally grateful to Mo and Sem who let me post my icons here, and I shall do my best to make them proud. ^_^ I'll mostly do Ouran (Tamaki = kawaii! <3 *squeal*), InuYasha and Prince of Tennis, although I do like other stuff like Black Cat, Bleach, Fruits Basket, etc. and I can do some of those. If I find another fandom and get addicted, you'll definitely see me make some icons from that. Gakuen Heaven is the next possibility. :P

Ok, so here are 31 icons
~5 Bleach
~3 Fruits Basket
~1 InuYasha
~20 Ouran
~2 Prince of Tennis (which I will further on call PoT)

You Gotta Kick at the Darkness Till It Bleeds DaylightCollapse )

*Made in collaboration with nathaara, who already posted them anyway. Forgive the redundancy.

Please comment if you like them! You're also welcome to snag and credit. This is the first time I'm ever posting icons, so I really need feedback. *bites nails, gnaws desk* Ok, you didn't need to know that. >_> :P

Chao, amigos.

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