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Natha's Art (with Sem and Sushi-chan!)
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Natha and Sem's LJ art


This is the art journal of nathaara, with semchance as Official Wearer of the Bunny, and no_sushi as the Octopus Murderess of Fish and Poultry (a.k.a. assistants).

In this journal we will post:
-Friends Only banners


Yes, we are open to requests. Please comment on this post with a description of what you would like.

Credit Policy
Credit for icons should go to the individual icon maker, either nathaara or semchance, rather than to the community. We aren't going to hunt you down if you don't credit, but it's preferred. The reason for this is that when someone else is looking at your icons it's nice for them to know where they came from.

Our resources have been moved to this post since they were taking up so much room.


Important posts
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Community Links
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Need to contact us? E-mail nathaara@livejournal.com